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The team at Grant and Green and Marshall Military Sales are dedicated to constantly reviewing our BFG Jaguar Land Rover prices to make sure that we're the most competitive on the market. It's important that we offer all of our forces customers the best possible price for a new Land Rover or Jaguar in BFG.  These dedicated prices from Marshall Military Sales and Grant and Green for our BFG customers ensure that our long history of supplying vehicles to forces personnel continues, and that we build on the reputation already gained as the specialist for Jaguar Land Rover in our market.

Please find below the discount structures specific to British Forces Germany tax free purchases only.

Military Discounts for Germany, Holland, Belgium & BFG
Vehicle Type
Military Discount % on the All model derivatives
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Marshall Military Sales and our Jaguar Land Rover Official Brand Partner Grant & Green Military Sales.

Marshall Military Sales and Grant and Green believe in constantly developing closer ties to our customers. Grant and Green Tax Free Car Sales were established in 1991 for the sale of tax free motor vehicles to entitled members of British Forces Germany (BFG). Gaining the best of both worlds just got easier, take advantage of a local specialist with experience in Jaguar Land Rover BFG tax free purchases, plus gain the full Jaguar Land Rover retailer experience upon collection in the UK, great informed advice locally and official brand customer service, with assured residuals will ensure you win on all fronts.
Our personal approach to purchasing a new Land Rover or Jaguar via our community based specialists being focused on you is designed in pursuing your vision for the perfect Jaguar or Land Rover, and we know that this begins with the right guidance today. Our partnership brings together information from both the UK retailer network and BFG, this brand specific information is delivered via helpful and friendly product consultants in locations within your local communities throughout Europe.
If you are looking for a Jaguar Land Rover product in BFG from the only official locally appointed Military agent in Germany, there is a good chance you will find us in the vicinity of where you work or live. Our advice and guidance are based on a fundamental understanding of protecting your investment whilst also driving the ideal product that meets your specific needs. With our exclusive new model discounts for Jaguar Land Rover, it will ensure you have the best possible price first time.
Once you have a Jaguar or Land Rover in mind having a local brand specialist handle your enquiry, whose office is close to you has several benefits over a sales agent who is based in another country:
- Dedicated BFG pricing which is different to the UK Military offering (on certain Models).
- Demonstrator vehicles are available at location upon request
- Completion and in some cases supply of the relevant paperwork can be gained locally, with a specialist on hand to help.
- You can easily meet your Sales Specialist face-to-face rather than relying on letters, emails and telephone calls.
- They will be familiar with the place you live or work, which will make it easier and faster for them to understand your local requirements and processes in BFG.
- It is easier to meet up with them at short notice, if necessary.
- Is urgent support is needed, you can go straight to their office and speak to them.
- Whether you are a first time customer or an experienced repeat brand investor, our advice ensures you maximise your posting potential.
Grant and Green are one of the longest established high profile companies based in Germany. As a respected member of the BFG community we offer a dedicated multifaceted service to members of BFG, not only offering the sale of new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, but also providing points of contact throughout BFG where our bilingual staff is always available to provide professional assistance before and after collection of a tax free car.
We provide help from your very first enquiry, guiding you through the minefield of military discounts, finance packages, insurance quotes and the multitude of BFG forms all culminating in the collection of your tax free car. Discover how our team of specialists works together to address your needs both in the UK and Germany. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can put our local experience and UK market knowledge to work for you.
There are many reasons to choose Marshall and Grant and Green - to find out what we can offer, contact one of our branches.

Proud Sponsors Of The Tigers Parachute Display Team Grant & Green Downplane

Grant & Green Sponsor Sporting Prospect
Posted on  Jan, 22 2016
Grant & Green are proud to be sponsoring Aaron who recently had a leg amputation as he seeks to inspire others in his sporting endeavours.
Going forward Aaron will be looking to gain more sporting experience and is looking at which sport is best for him to represent his country.
Aaron wants to demonstrate to others who find themselves in a similar situation, that they can still achieve great things.



Jaguar Land Rover Military Sales and Marshall Blue Light Sales Are Trading names of Marshall Motor Group Ltd.

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