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Obtaining the keys to your very own, brand new Jaguar or Land Rover has never been so simple. And it’s more affordable than you might think. Our military customers are often pleasantly surprised by the savings we can assist with, helping them get into luxury vehicles that they may not have thought possible. We have specialist military finance options and rates available, that are not available to the general public, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We can help you spread the cost of your new Jaguar or Land Rover, allowing you to manage your money depending on your circumstances. What's more, we will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process.

Why opt for a Military Sales financial services plan?

An understanding of military circumstances:
Our specialist team has years of experience dealing with the military, some having served themselves, or come from a military background. We feel this leaves us uniquely positioned when it comes to understanding the sometimes nomadic nature of military life, and the challenges this can present. This is especially important when it comes to things like obtaining credit, which can sometimes be difficult due to constant changes in address and circumstances. We are here to assist you through this process, making purchasing a new car on credit a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Fixed Interest Rates: Our interest rates are fixed for the length of the financial plan agreement so you can budget more easily.

Less Money Up Front: If you choose one of our Financial plans, you will need less money to get on the road compared to buying your new vehicle upfront and outright.

A Popular Choice: If you choose one of our Military finance plans you'll not be alone. Finance was used to buy more than three in four new cars sold in 2014.

Options to Suit You: We currently offer Personal Contract Payment (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Hire (PCP) for TAX paid/UK based vehicles, and Conditional Sale Finance plans for TAX free/export vehicles.

How do residual values make our cars more affordable to you?

Jaguar and Land Rover models have class-leading residual values.

This means that they typically hold onto their value better than other makes of car over a certain period of time – the length of a financial agreement, for instance.

Depreciation is the value that a vehicle loses over a period of time. Depreciation = New Car Value – Residual Value. So, higher residual value means lower depreciation.

With our popular PCP plan, your monthly payments are calculated based on the predicted depreciation of the vehicle over the 1-4 year period of your agreement.

Payments are based on the price less any applicable deposit plus interest. The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (the predicted value of your car at the end of your agreement) is then deducted from this sum and divided by the term to give the monthly payments.

... all of which means that the class-leading residual values of Jaguar Land Rover models make them more affordable on a month-by-month basis.

An overview of finance options available.

Hire Purchase (HP) / Conditional Sale*

*Available Tax paid and Tax free subject to terms and conditions.

Personal contract purchase (PCP)*

*Available Tax paid only

Personal Contract Hire*

*Available tax paid only



Here at Marshall Jaguar Land Rover Military sales we firmly believe in treating our customers fairly and helping you make an informed decision. For this reason, we promise to make the following commitment to you:

- As a diligent credit broker and credit intermediary, we promise to establish if you have a demand or need before any offer of credit and or insurance is made to you. o We will do this through the completion of a ‘Fact Find’.
- We will only make a recommendation of credit and or insurance where a demand and or need have been established through the Fact Find.
- We will clearly explain why we are recommending any type of credit and or insurance and the features that will be of benefit to you. o We will give you the option to decline our recommendation or to take advantage of it – there is no obligation to say yes. (We will provide full terms and conditions before you are asked to sign any agreement or if you require it, earlier upon request)

In order for us to treat our customers fairly, we have to be open, honest and transparent about all the options that you have available. The way we present all of this to you is via the Fact Find mentioned above. This document has a clear and fair explanation of all finance and insurance products that are available to you and after asking some relevant questions, will produce some recommendations for you to consider, with no obligation to say yes to anything. We find this gives you an easy way to consider all your options, without any pressure! You can then decide which options you would like to take advantage of. Please find a link below to our online “Treating Customer Fairly Fact Find”, to see exactly how this works!

***Please note: Not all products and services are available in all markets, please contact us for further details***

Once you have decided on which new vehicle you would like to purchase, and explored the various payment options, the only thing left to do is make sure you protect your fantastic new asset! 
Your new vehicle is most likely your pride and joy. We want to help you keep it that way by offering the following range of award-winning protection products designed to meet the demands of our market.

GAP Insurance: GAP Cover (guaranteed asset protection cover) is ever more prominent in today’s market. GAP insurance protects our customers in the event that their vehicle is written off by protecting the purchase price, or if purchased on finance by covering any remaining balance.

Tyre & Alloy Insurance: Tyre & Alloy Insurance provides motorists with protection against damage to their tyres and alloy wheels. The growing complexity of modern car tyres means they are becoming increasingly expensive to replace, so tyre and alloy insurance is becoming a valued product within the market.

- Cover is provided  against accidental or malicious damage of the tyres.
- Claims costs for a repair will also cover a new valve, if necessary, and the reasonable labour cost of fitting and balancing the new tyre.

- Covers the alloy wheels fitted to your vehicle at the time of purchase, and covers for accidental damage • Covers the cost of the cosmetic repair to your alloy wheels up to an agreed limit depending on the level of cover taken.

Cosmetic Warranty (Paintwork & Upholstery)
- Cosmetic Warranty allows motorists to protect their vehicle against unsightly minor cosmetic damage. This innovative cover helps protect the vehicle’s appearance and value and ensures that showroom fresh finish is maintained, perfect for motorists who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance. Cosmetic Warranty ensures that repairs are carried out by approved technicians.



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